Tutorial to Install and How to Use OvpnSpider Free Download

OvpnSpider apk is an app that helps you find free OpenVPN to connect to free VPN servers and surf anonymously, ensuring the security and privacy of your activity on the web or your mobile device. Generally, people use OvpnSpider on Internet access points that are considered lacking in security, such as WiFi hotspots in hotels or cafes.

Enjoy the main features the OvpnSpider vpn app gives for you, that is:

  • OpenVPN free search.
  • Connect to the VPN server.
  • Safe search data.
  • OpenVPN profile sharing feature.

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Download OvpnSpider APK – Free VPN

The way these OvpnSpider works is to find a free VPN server on the Internet and displaying OpenVPN that is classified by country. But please note for iPhone or iPad users before loading OvpnSpider, you need to install OpenVPN Connect application to connect to VPN server. The advantage of this application is the availability of unlimited VPN bandwidth, ensuring a stable connection and suitable for use with public networks. In this article, I will guide those who want to download the ovpnsipder app and how to use it.

OvpnSpider allows you to share files with other devices or other users via email. As a result, devices with installed OpenVPN applications can use this profile to connect to the VPN server. OvpnSpider automatically imports OpenVPN and connects the device to the VPN server. If you select Mail, the OpenVPN .ovpn profile will automatically enter the email as an attachment.

Best VPN Proxy OvpnSpider apk download & Install

download ovpnspider apk
download ovpnspider apk

OvpnSpider download is available for Android and iOS users. For how to install and use it, here’s how:

  1. Download OvpnSpider app on iTunes or google play store.
  2. Click install, and wait for the process until the installation is complete.
  3. Open the app, and we can use this app.
  4. Select the server; then we will be prompted to download OpenVPN.
  5. We will also be required to allow OvpnSpider to access photos, media, and files.

OvpnSpider How to Use

ovpnspider ios download
ovpnspider ios download

For how to use this OvpnSpider app is following the following steps:

In the use of OvpnSpider apps both iOS and Android, we must download the OpenVPN app first. OpenVPN + Ovpn Spider.

“OpenVPN“ for using OpenVPN and “Ovpn Spider“ for finding free OpenVPN services.

  1. Open “Ovpn Spider,” then the application will download the profile list.
  2. Choose any profile to your liking. Then, on the menu, choose using “OpenVPN” to open it.
  3. In OpenVPN, click the “+” to add the profile.
  4. Last, you can turn on the OpenVPN. If the VPN service is not available, try another one from the “Ovpn Spider.” After the VPN is connected, visit Who am I to check whether your IP is the VPN’s.

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