AnonyTun for Mac free & efficient VPN tunnel that offers unlimited servers

AnonyTun for Mac is the best choice If you are looking for a convenient way to get around the limitations and adds a layer of protection for your data, AnonyTun would be a practical option.

AnonyTun Free VPN Tunnel is right for the sole purpose of troubleshooting Geo restrictions by your ISP and to access defined content locations, including on the provision of protection for web history and content are transferred when using Public Wi-Fi.

The features of AnonyTun Free VPN Tunnel:

  • Unlimited Internet Bandwidth
  • SSL Tunnel
  • HTTP Tunnel
  • TCP Tunnel
  • Anti DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)
  • Servers in different global locations
  • Security for your connection
  • Battery Saver
  • No rooting required
  • This Apps allows you to use parent proxy servers
  • You can also modify outgoing requestsZlib data compression
  • Payload Generator/Custom HTTP Header

How To Install AnonyTun App for MAC

Well. To start to install this AnonyTun app on your PC/laptop Macbook, the following steps:

  1. Install the Bluestack. Go to this link Download the Bluestack.

    anonytun for apple
    anonytun for apple
  2. Run the file Bluestack to install on your Mac.

    anonytun for mac
    anonytun for mac
  3. Wait until complete.

    anonytun for laptop
    anonytun for laptop
  4. You must email login with your Google account.

    anonytun app for pc
    anonytun app for pc
  5. After that, we go to the main menu of Bluestack.

    download anonytun vpn for pc
    download anonytun vpn for pc
  6. Search AnonyTun on Google Play Store, then install.
    anonytun for pc free download
    anonytun for pc free download

    vpn app playstore
    vpn app play store

After you click the “Connect,” you get the screen to Allow the Connection. You need to click “Allow, ” and the AnonyTun will be connected. Now you are ready to enjoy the security and flexibility while exploring the internet. You can access the content without facing restrictions that interfere with and keep your information protected from snoopers. Basic configuration  Anonytun vpn settings

AnonyTun also provides a variety of techniques to avoid blockage of the firewall and access hidden content including individual HTTP headers are the most popular or the injection of HTTP. This technique requires some advanced knowledge and the most useful in the hands of professional users.

anonytun pro apk for Android | Download anonytun pro for ios | Install Anonytun for PC windows

There is an option called the Stealth settings, which allows you to select your preferred options for your connection. You can adjust the settings to enter your preferences. You can do a tunnel through the various connection protocols, and you can also choose a port, proxy, HTTP/TCP header, and much more. This case may be an option that is more suitable for advanced Anonytun users who want more against control over the settings, but if you are starting out, you may find it challenging to manage these settings. Stealth settings will be overwhelming for beginners, but it’s good to have the possibility of adjusting features to suit your specific needs.