How to Use and Setting AnonyTun Free VPN Tunnel

Anonytun vpn settings _ Art of Tunnel is a provider of facilities clean and neat even browsing the internet connection with the interface is impressive and amazingly responsive. This amazing software is available under the name AnonyTun. Also, this software will provide you with unlimited bandwidth with absolutely free; If you are restricted by different ISPs in your country then this outstanding application by providing a package of the best facilities.

How to configure anonytun AnonyTun App

Using this application will help you get into different websites are not allowed in your area. And of course no need to root your device to use this application. On the other hand, there is a different proxy server where this application works, once you will install this application you only need to connect with the internet connection that will automatically connect to the closest available server with high speed in your area.

How To Download AnonyTun

You don’t have to worry about every boundary again; as you will be able to find your way around the different firewall. On the positive side, you do not need to register yourself, and you can enjoy some proxy servers with a stable and secure connection over the internet.
To use this application, You need to visit the Google Play Store on a Windows PC or Mac OS 7/8/10. Read more our anonytun apk guide here :

anonytun pro apk for Android | Download anonytun pro for ios | Install Anonytun for PC windows

The exciting part of this application is the user no longer need to enter the Proxy and Remote SSH account that is in use by another free internet applications. Here you need to place the Bug operator in the payload or HTTP Headers so that the app can work.

And one other thing that I think this application is good enough for you to use. Here you no longer need the usual payload however you do in some applications, such as HTTP or injectors, KPN Tunnel.

anonytun Vpn basic setting

Steps to use AnonyTun for free internet:

1. The first step, please you download the application AnonyTun on Google Play.

anonytun download
anonytun download

2. Then Install the apps and opened. You will see the initial display as shown below. Then click on Stealth Settings.

anonytun apk download
anonytun apk download

3. Here you need to do some settings. Then equate with the settings below.

AnonyTun setting
  • Stealth Tunnel: ON
  • Connection Protocol: HTTP.
  • Connection Port: 8080.
  • Connect Via Parent Proxy: OFF.
  • Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: ON.
  • Advanced SSL Settings: ON

4. Then create a Payload with a click Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers. Here you must enter the settings and payload operator bug.

setting anonytun 2018
setting anonytun 2018
  • URL / Host is full of bugs.
  • Request Method can fill with a POST (can be free content, but do not select Connect).
  • Here is for Method Injection I chose Normal.
  • The query Method does not exist on the checklist.
  • Extra Headers it is up to you, going to the checklist or not, it doesn’t matter.
  • After that click Generate. And then click Save.

5. Next, select Edit SSL Settings, then the Advanced SSL Settings, don’t forget the checklist either True SSL or Spoof Host. Later in the column contents Hosted Spoof with bug operator, while the Spoof Port contents number 10, after that click OK.

download anonytun apk
download anonytun apk

6. After setting the Stealth, Settings is complete click Save.

anonytun vpn apk download
anonytun vpn apk download

7. Back home, here you select the existing 3 point icon in the top right. Next, click the VPN Settings. For settings see below.

how to use anonytun
how to use anonytun

Compress Packets: ON.
MTU Size: 2000.
Google DNS: ON.

8. click Save Once the VPN Settings process has done. And then click CONNECT. The connection process is running; when it managed to connect, there will be a notification on the screen like the image below.

AnonyTun vpn setting
AnonyTun vpn setting

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