SkyVPN for Mac Free Download install & setting

SkyVPN for Mac Free Download install & setting _ VPN for pc allows you to remain anonymous and private when surfing on the internet by hiding the real IP address, identity, and location. Log the connection won’t ever recorded, so you can stay entirely anonymous when browsing the Internet or take other internet activity. Some VPN provider claims to offer complete anonymity while tracking what you do online. SkyVPNwill never do that. SkyVPN never keeps a log of your connection because we believe you have a right to privacy.

SkyVPN for Mac

– Fast
Access to any content at an amazing speed
Watching foreign HD videos without a hiccup
– Stable
Smooth connection for 12 hours
Watch foreign sports, TV, movies without interruption
– Easy
No registration needed
Just one tap to connect
– Safe / Private / Anonymous
Change your IP, hide your location, protect you under public WIFI and let you surf anonymously
– No Annoying Ads
No Annoying Pop up Ads while you are watching videos, surfing the internet
– Access to All
Access to all content Sites, enjoy TV, Movies, Sports, Shows, Apps, Resources …may not available before
– Unblock Any
Unblock any internet censorship and firewalls, access to any blocked websites
– Always free
We offer only premium VPN service, and free forever!

Install SkyVPN for Mac OS

SkyVPN can work on the Android phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows, and Mac. And to install these applications on the Mac OS, follow these steps:

Download SkyVPN for Mac OS

How to use SkyVPN on Mac:

– Login with the SkyVPN email account

skyvpn mac
skyvpn mac

– If you do not have a SkyVPN email account, then follow the next steps

  1. Install SkyVPN on your mobile smartphone, if you already have one, please skip this step.

    skyvpn for mac download
    skyvpn for mac download
  2. Open SkyVPN on your mobile device, tap the button on the upper left(figure1) to unfold the sidebar and tap “Use SkyVPN on PC” (figure2), you will get a 5-digit code (figure3)

    skyvpn for mac free
    skyvpn for mac free
  3. Open SkyVPN Mac app, select Login with SkyVPN app option. Enter the 5-digit code shown on your mobile app (figure3) and click on “OK,” You will be able to use SkyVPN Mac app.
    sky vpn code
    sky vpn code

    SkyVPN app lets you advantage a fast and most stable VPN connection without decreasing the speed. Just need one click to connect anonymously to the VPN server, enjoy a better net with the fast and stable internet speed. And You can also enjoy Premium servers for free. To earn the free premium traffic by iPhone, iPod, iPad for unlimited session time. Connect to global VPN server locations from US, UK, HK, Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, Singapore, etc. Enjoy a better net and shield your IP with the premium VPN servers. SkyVPN is a real VPN master that works across all devices simultaneously: Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, perfect for learning, working or entertainment.

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